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United States-Canada Associates Leadership Team

December 2018

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The United States-Canada Associates Leadership Team works as one body to further the mission of the Society of the Sacred Heart through association and collaboration with our RSCJ sisters. 

We seek to welcome those called to the charism of Madeleine Sophie and become Associates.  Our work is that of communication, mission and collaboration.

Meet our Leadership Team

Lori Wilson (Co-Chair)

I first  encountered the Society of the Sacred Heart in 2001 after years of resistance!  When I met Joan Magnetti, rscj and she shared the charism with me, I felt like I had come home.  I fell in love with Sophie, Janet and Philippine and realized that my own personal mission statement - to reflect God's heart in my daily life, was another way of saying the charism of the Society.  I love the internationality!  Some of the people that have impacted me the most, are the people I've met in other countries through the Society! 

My word for the year: PAUSE

Peggy Gorman (Co-Chair)

I was introduced to the Society when I went to care for the Sisters at Barat residence as the head nurse. I became an associate in 2004 and have loved the journey.  Music and writing are areas of interest for me.

My word for the year: SOAR

Mary Kay Hunyady (RSCJ)

I love working with the Associates because they inspire me to look more deeply at my life as an RSCJ.  We conspire together to bring healing to our world, to support one another in this venture, and to look more deeply at God's work in our lives and in our world.

My word for the year: HEALING

Jan Dun (RSCJ)

At the close of the General Chapter 2008, there is a letter addressed to "Sacred Heart Friends and Colleagues" that states:  "For many years there has been collaboration between the Religious of the Sacred Heart and our colleagues and friends who have shared our spirituality, life, and mission. Chapter 2000 called us to live this in reciprocity."  This is the collaboration I enjoy with the Associates.  You are a part of the Society, and encourage me as an RSCJ to walk in the way of Sophie. Together we try to listen to God's heartbeat in the reality of our world.

My word for the year: COMMUNITY

Kristie Laughlin

My word for the year: LISTEN

Angela Scott

I was introduced to the Society of the Sacred Heart as a young child when I enrolled at school in Grand Coteau.  From the start I truly felt like a “child of the Sacred Heart” and through my years at school I developed a deep love for Sophie and Philippine and a desire to be with others who shared that love.  As a young adult, I remained faithful to the charism of revealing God’s love to others and always felt such a deep sense of peace when I was able to visit the holy grounds of our campus in Grand Coteau.  In 2008, I moved to Houston and met the Associates and felt I had finally come home.  During my time in Houston, I was privileged to be a parent as well as a teacher at Regis.  My family has recently moved to Corpus Christi, Texas and I am especially excited about the Virtual Associates and the opportunity to remain connected in spirit while living apart.

My word for the year: PRAYER

Sergio Vasquez

As a long-time Sacred Heart educator, I've had the privilege of working with the RSCJ on 5 continents, discovering and making known the Love of the Heart of God.  My brief time as an Associate thus far has been one of discovering new ways to make this Love known here in New Orleans and around the world.   

My word for the year: DISCOVER